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At APRI Armenia, we believe that meaningful engagement and productive dialogue are essential drivers of positive change in our region. Our events are platforms that embody our commitment to advancing regional stability, sustainable prosperity, and civic engagement. Through a diverse range of events, we foster collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange, and catalyze transformative ideas that contribute to the realization of Armenia’s potential and the betterment of our region.

Diverse Range of Events:

Policy Dialogues: Our policy dialogues bring together key stakeholders to discuss pressing issues, share expertise, and propose actionable recommendations for policy development and implementation.

Expert Panels: Expert panels feature subject-matter specialists who delve into specific topics, presenting research, insights, and perspectives that contribute to informed decision-making.

Workshops and Training: Workshops and training sessions offer capacity-building opportunities. These events equip participants with practical skills and knowledge to actively engage in Armenia’s development.

Multistakeholder Conferences: Our conferences gather a diverse range of stakeholders to explore multifaceted challenges, identify common ground, and develop collaborative strategies for positive change.

APRI conference, APRI events
APRI conference, APRI events

Magic moments from the 2023 APRI Forum

Applied Policy Research Institute of Armenia Foundation


2/2 Melik Adamyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia



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