Security, Stability and Sustainable Prosperity

June 15–17, 2022

Konstantin Kurylev, Leonid Nersisyan, Anna Ohanyan, Nerses Kopalyan

The APRI Forum: Security, Stability and Sustainable Prosperity was an invitation-only forum held in Yerevan from June 15–17, 2022. As the inaugural event of the Applied Policy Research Institute of Armenia (APRI Armenia), the forum brought together insightful thinkers from around the world for a series of vitally important discussions, with topics ranging from geopolitics and security to crisis leadership and national development.


Opening Session

The New Mindset: Becoming Better People for a Better Nation

People, Policy, and Problem-Solving in Challenging Times

Powering the Solar Energy Revolution

Keynote Address: Artsakh/Karabakh, Approaching the Future

Regional Security: Where Do We Go from Here?

(Re)thinking Foreign Policy: India-Armenia Relations

The Gray Rhino: Managing Risks

The New Social Contract: Finding Our Way Forward


Our bench of speakers includes some well-established and successful designers who are known to be ruling the industry for years. Join the seminar and take a step closer to being an expert.

Sara Pantuliano

Chief Executive, ODI

Lara Setrakian

journalist and Founder, Applied Policy Research Institute of Armenia

Geoffrey Robertson

Human Rights barrister and co-head of Doughty Street Chambers

Siranush Sargysan

freelance journalist from Nagorno-Karabakh




Event Highlights