Prospects and Challenges of Armenia–Germany Relations

Joint webinar with Candid Foundation

December 15, 2023

Event Partner:

Candid Foundation

This year has seen an acceleration of Germany’s engagement with Armenia against the backdrop of the fallout of Nagorno-Karabakh and renewed tensions with Azerbaijan. While the European Union-led negotiation process seems to have stalled since, Germany appears to have intensified its dialogue with Armenia, with recent visits of high-ranking German officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of the Federal Intelligence Service. Given its economic and political capital with both Armenia and Azerbaijan, how can Berlin play a greater role in supporting the journey of building a lasting peace? What are and should be Germany’s priorities in engaging with Armenia?

This webinar, co-organized by the Candid Foundation and APRI Armenia, helps provide some answers to these questions.  


 Anahide Pilibossian, Vice President of Strategy and Development, APRI Armenia.